Thursday, August 29, 2013

So we are 3 weeks in to 1st grade and I can tell that home work is going to be a challenge for at least one of the girls based on the amount of whining that ensued. Apparently she doesn't like home work and its boooooooooooooring.

All I want to do is tell her I so agree with you, homework sucks and none of us want to do it. I don't though I tell her that she has to finish it and that its important just like school work.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Its been a while almost 3 years since I blogged at all and so many things have changed. I am hoping to get back to it but we will see. Lillibean and Jitterbug are turning 7 in a few short weeks. Wow 7 that's so grown up these days.

We have added one more and he is 16 months old. Pnut Butter was 3 weeks and 4 days old when I held him for the first time. On August 5th of this year he became ours forever and we are so blessed.

Pictures to come later

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Unexpected Hair Cut.

Today was the day that comes for almost every mom Lillibean cut her hair and then she cut Jitterbugs I am truly upset by this for a few reasons.

Long hair precut

Reason #1 I was not prepared for this in anyway I was sure that Lillibean would never cut her hair she loves having long hair and was mad at me for 3 weeks when I took her to get it cut in the spring.

Bad Super Cuts

Reason #2 it took over a year to get Jitterbugs hair to grow out to all one length after a hair cut at Super Cuts that gave her some atrocious bangs(she looked like a boy).

My sister cut my hair

Reason #3 Jitterbug didn't like the hair cut Lillibean gave her and cried for almost an hour.

Reason #4 We are supposed to have our family picture done next week and this is what we now have to work with.
Gritting my teeth is a smile right.
I might have made a mistake.
They look happy about it don't they.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dirty looks and feeling like a bad mommy

The miniature jailers have decided that they would rather be out and about instead of sitting at home and/or napping so in an effort to keep them entertained I have kept the schedule pretty full. BIG mistake they now think it is their right to be chauffeured to and fro at a moments notice.  Whether its to the park, a play date or even if its just to lunch its always something.

The first thing out of their mouths in the morning "where are we going today mommy?". If I dare say no where this is when the tears and why nots start which lead to crying jags and melt down fits about how its not fair. So starting this week there are not going to be trips to the mall or McDonald's or Walmart or Target or even the park until they are a little more thankful for what they have.

We have noticed that Lillibean has developed a twitch, however we think that is more likely caused by being confined inside with Jitterbug for the last 3 days.

I am now worn out from the constant badgering to go somewhere and think that I may have made a mistake by making this decision. As I am now trapped inside with them and can not escape.

One of the reasons that I decide to not go out in public with the kids is that I am tired of all the judging from other people.

If I don't correct their behavior in public then I get dirty looks and I feel like a bad mommy.

If say something and they don't stop I get dirty looks and I feel like a bad mommy.

If I yell at them I get dirty looks and I feel like a bad mommy.

If I stop them and make them look me in the eye I get dirty looks and I feel like a bad mommy.

Can't win for loosing at least here at home there are no dirty looks. I still feel like a bad mommy.

Its a vicious cycle I have also found that I place expectations on my kids based on what I perceive as others expectations of good behavior.

For example if the girls and I are out together shopping and they are just walking along next to(not holding my hands), walking a little in front of me or maybe even skipping beside me as long as no one looks at us with the judgemental look  I let them do it but it all changes when someone gives us the look. You know the one the one that says you need to control your children they are heathens. I may not see anything wrong with what they are doing but it bothers someone else so I try to control them. I become super demanding about staying with me/holding my hand and walking nicely.

Or we go the other way and one or both children has crossed a line one to many times and I am trying  to explain why they should not climb on/pick up/run or any other multitude of behaviors that should not be done in public and I am getting the look you know the one that says you are being to harsh leave that child alone. At which point I have to either back down and no one learns anything or stand my ground and look like bad mommy.

I am tired of being judged and found lacking whether its a true perception or not I still feel like a bad mommy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My kid walks to the beat of her own drummer

UPDATE: Jitterbug did not go as Dirtgirl she went as a Magic Princess Pet Doctor and here is what the costume turned out to look like.  Thats a pink unicorn attached to her back.

Ok I love that I have a kid that follows her own path Jitterbug really is like no other kid I know. That being said I think I am in trouble. Things have been rolling along nicely lately other than everyone but JW having a cold last week. We have made it through Lillibean turning 4 and are gearing up for a trip this week. The following weekend is the girls joint Birthday Party then Halloween and then Jitterbug turns 4. We also have a few party's to attend as well. I think November 7th is the next free day we have.

Ok back to the original topic. I think I mentioned that Halloween is approaching and Jitterbug has picked her costume and I am at a loss. I spent the last few weeks combing the Internet and stores for the costume of her choice and it just does not exist. I can not even find a reasonable facsimile.

So I am appealing to my friends and family please help me cause unless I can convince her to change her mind to something more traditional. I am going to have one disappointed  little girl.

Here is a picture of her choice by the way I am not crafty and cannot sew.

Her name is Dirt Girl she has friends Scrap Boy, Ken the weevil, and Grubby the Grub worm.

It seems simple enough right purple overalls and an orange and yellow striped shirt. Yeah not so much.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Maybe just maybe I am not the only one

So its been a awhile since I wrote anything but life has a funny way of getting in the way of my accomplishing all the stuff I want.

Mostly just keeping everyone happy seems to be the greatest challenge lately. I feel like a big failure in this regard and for a long time I thought that I was the only one but today I read a blog that I swear all you have to do is insert my name and that just about covers it.

I make a point check this blog everyday and usually it makes me laugh but today it actually made me feel better and not so alone in this mess that is parenthood.

Here is the link to the blog.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our First Little League Game

What an experience it was. Just getting ready was a production the pants to small the shirt to big and the yellow socks all I can say is WOW. Her hat and jersey have her name and number on them. The smile on her face says it all. 

She had a blast. Got to hit twice let the coach pitch to her before deciding to use the tee and really hustled after the ball when it was hit to her(sometimes even when it wasn't). She ran the bases and smiled all the way around.  When she crosses home plate she jumps up and down and giggles it is the.cutest.thing.ever.